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Our Company

Total Transportation Logistics (TTL), an independently owned and operated agent for UniGroup Logistics, builds global relationships that bring value to our customers making us the choice for customized solutions for relocation, transportation and logistical services.

TTL leads the industry in providing outstanding service for our clients who manufacture high valued electronic equipment utilizing dedicated service to meet our customer’s specific needs.  TTL operates specialized equipment such as: air-ride vans with full logistics; climate controlled vans; lift gate trailers and flatbeds.  TTL’s skilled personnel will blanket wrap, strap and secure your specialized products and sensitive items while offering inside pick up, inside delivery, 24 hour precalls with on day and on time delivery appointments if required.  TTL will provide dedicated customer service to ensure your equipment arrives on time and safe.

Our History

Total Transportation Logistics has a history of providing quality transportation services to its customers. It was established in 2000 with a staff of just three and has grown from a small, high-value freight service provider to combined companies of over 400 employees.

Upon inception, the company first shared office space with its sister company, S&M Moving Systems, in Santa Fe Springs, California. TTL was established by current President, Bob Hicks, then a top sales agent for a competitor, and the owners of S&M Moving Systems. Within months TTL’s employee numbers and sales became so great the business had to relocate to its first office in Ontario, California and since 2006, TTL came to occupy its current location in Mira Loma, California.

In 2005 TTL expanded its operations to include a northern California presence in Fremont. Services provided at this location predominantly include rigging, transportation and warehousing services. Recently, in 2012, TTL has also expanded into the San Diego region with a brand new warehouse accommodating 45,000 square feet.

Our Success

What makes Total Transportation Logistics so successful is its ability to take very complicated, often large, technologically-advanced electronic equipment from the manufacturing floor of its clients and safely transport these items to the end user, such as a hospital or satellite launch site. TTL is able to do so cost effectively to the customer by eliminating excessive crating and packaging services. Blanket wrap and utilizing a unique system of straps inside the truck to secure high-value items distinguishes TTL from the common carrier. Employing these methods has brought TTL business from Fortune 500 companies such as Johnson & Johnson and CareFusion, formally known as Cardinal Health.

Our Technology

TTL uses technology to service our clients’ increasingly sophisticated needs. Specially designed equipment, such as air-ride suspension systems in flat-floored vehicles, allows the movers to adjust loads and keep them level while eliminating 75 percent of road shock. Power-lift gates, special loading mechanisms to handle sensitive computer hardware, and specialized training ensure the safe transport of the most delicate equipment. A distinguishing factor in TTL’s ability to service its customer is the use of a web site that tracks all the milestones of a product in transport, from date of pickup through time of delivery, all in real time.

Our Management

Total Transportation Logistics’ management today is as contemporary as its high-tech equipment, emphasizing important core values as a means to future success: long-term customer satisfaction; quality services at a fair price; a satisfying company work environment demonstrated in team spirit; and respect as well as appreciation for individual responsibilities, beliefs, and needs, even as TTL continues to grow.

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