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green initiatives

Waste Management

Paper Recycling – Separate bins are placed throughout the home office for recycling paper. TTL and UniGroup recycle in excess of 50 tons of paper per year at the home office.

Plastic and Aluminum Recycling – Bins placed throughout the home office for plastic and aluminum bottle and can collections.

Electronic Equipment Recycling – TTL and UniGroup recycle all company owned electronic equipment, including computers, monitors and printers through a licensed recycling company.  1280 pieces of equipment were recycled in 2008, 683 pieces in 2009, and 355 pieces were recycled in 2010.

Electronic Document Storage and Transmission – Through TransDocs, our document imaging service, invoices, orders, and numerous other documents can be scanned, stored and transmitted electronically, saving hundreds of thousands of pieces of paper annually. This service is available to both home office personnel and agents. The service saves in excess of 350,000 paper documents per year.

Electronic Ordering – Workflow automation program Corcentric allows TTL and UniGroup agents to order supplies, uniforms, apparel and other products and services on-line, with all of the administration handled electronically. In 2009, over 72,000 documents were processed, and in 2010, over 81,000 documents were electronically processed.

Home Office Energy Management

All fluorescent lighting has been converted to efficient T-8 bulbs. Can lighting have been converted to spiral fluorescent bulbs.

Automatic off system ensures all lights are turned off at night and on weekends.

Heating/cooling system automatically adjusted in off-peak hours to conserve power.

TTL and UniGroup offers the following opportunities for home office employees to recycle:

Cell Phones.

Batteries. Over 75 lbs of batteries have been recycled in the past year.

Electronic Equipment. In the past 2 years, home office employees have brought in over 90 items to be recycled.


All pallets are recycled, none go to landfill.

In a new program, TTL Logistics and UniGroup recycled over 260 lbs of Christmas lights that otherwise would have gone into a landfill.

All cleaning products are biodegradable.

All paint used on campus is water based.

90% of faxes and printers use recycled toner.

New Initiatives

TTL and UniGroup are working to develop a nationwide waste hauling and recycling program. This program would give our agents an opportunity to reduce their waste stream and increase recycling of materials through the use of national account vendors.

TTL and UniGroup’s home office is currently processing an application to become an EPA Energy Star certified building. We expect the application to be completed in late 2013.

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