Mayflower Joins US EPA Smartway® Transport Partnership

Mayflower Joins US EPA Smartway® Transport Partnership

Another big step forward in green initiatives was announced today as Mayflower announced that it joined the SmartWay® Transport Partnership. The partnership is a collaboration between the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and an industry that provides the infrastructure to environmental and efficiency goods transportation and supply chains.

Mayflower will contribute a savings of 1.5 Billion gallons of fuel, an estimated $3.6 Billion in fuel costs resulting in an additional savings over 14.7 MMT of CO2, 215 tons of Nitrogen (NOx) and approximately 8000 tons or particulate matter. BY joining this SmartWay® Transport Partnership, Mayflower has demonstrated strong environmental leadership and corporate responsibility.

“Mayflower is committed to its customers, its service providers and the communities in which it does business,” said Patrick Larch, president of Mayflower. “The SmartWay Program is just one of the ways that we are fulfilling those important commitments.”

The SmartWay® Transport Partnership was developed in early 2003 with founding partners being represented by environmental groups, trucking association, industry stakeholders and of course businesses for social responsibility. Launched in 2004, Smartway partners rely upon new tools and approaches to reduce emissions and fuel costs from goods movement.

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