Specialized Rigging

Moving is not always a simple process, especially when you are transporting extremely large, bulky, fragile or sensitive items.  Add in a remote location or one not easily accessed and you are goin to need some special equipment.

Our specialized rigging division has your answer.

TTL provides a full range of professional rigging services for your business.   Our specialized project management team works with you to have the right equipment from forklifts, trailers, rigging equipment and dedicated labor.  Just need something unloaded or placed?  We can handle that.  Want to incorporate rigging into a large move?  We can of course accommodate that as well.  It’s your move, just let us know how you would like it to happen and we will customize a solution.

Special needs such as a clean room or extremely delicate equipment?  Not a problem, TTL has equipment such the AeroGo System for careful movement of semiconductor equipment on air, which operates on a cloud of nitrogen literally moving the equipment without touching the ground.

10th story building and your medical device needs to go at the top?  We have you covered with special cranes and equipment to get your device installed safely and efficiently.  We’ll even set it up for you.