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Office Relocation

Move Your Company With Office Relocation From
Total Transportation Logistics

Here at Total Transportation Logistics, we know that office relocation can be a daunting task.  That is exactly why our team of trained moving professional can not only customize your office move to fit your needs, but also be on hand to make sure everything happens smoothly and according to plan.

Smoothly means you stay open during the move (or close business for only the shortest amount of time). It means not losing things or having them broken along the way. Smoothly means you are up and running in your new location quickly and not giving one more thought to the move.

We are experts at making things go smoothly. Depend on TTL to bring the people, equipment, creativity, and experience needed for your office relocation.

Take a look at how we make thing simple for you:

Planning Ahead

We start every move with a free consultation. Our experts will cover the basic and finer points of getting your offices packed for efficient pick-up, transportation, and move in. We provide instructions, boxes, bubble wrap, color-coded labels, and more. Trust us to make things easy for you.

Picking Up

Experience professionalism and respect for your time and property when you hire TTL to relocate your company. Every box gets moved on wheels until we reach the stairs, at which point we carefully move them up or down each flight. On the ground, no one carries anything while walking. Our process prevents fatigue and saves time and speeds up your move.

If you have equipment that’s too heavy to move by hand, we have rigging and machinery available at your request.

We also happen to be experts at moving modular and delicate furniture. Cubicle parts and pieces are tracked with our labeling system and delicate furniture is intricately wrapped to prevent damage.

Simply tell us what you want moved from one location to the next. From signs to security measures, nothing is too big or too small.  We have seen it all and will make sure it arrives at your new office location securely.


Here’s where our asset-based direct delivery service really comes through for you. Your office is placed on air-ride trailers. We load one level for short trips and use decking for long trips. If your new location is close by, we’ll shuttle trailers back and forth and employ a moving team on each end.

Longer journeys are handled just as efficiently. We bring the right sized-fleet for the job and make sure our professionals arrive on time to unload into your new facility.


All the benefits of our expert planning, labeling, and loading pay off when it’s time to move into your new location.  Our professionals wheel in the furniture, assemble the cubicles, connect the power, and place all the electronics and boxes where they need to be.

Our riggers and machinery movers take care of all the big and difficult-to-manage items like air conditioners, outdoor signage, printing equipment, and more. Remember: If you own it and can take it with you, please ask us about moving it. Chances are that we can.


Sometimes it doesn’t make sense to move everything at once. If you’ve realized this about your own office relocation, make sure to talk to TTL about storage in one of our warehouses. Our warehousing services come with all the benefits that our direct delivery service offers with just one stop in between. That stop can last for a week, a month, or years.

Tells us what works best for you.


Rest assured that your company and employes will be treated with professionalism through every step of the process.  From our pleasant, polite and well dressed moving staff to clean trucks and blankets for your possessions.

Trust TTL to help keep your moving stress to a minimum.

Relocate your office

Call us at 877-983-4700 or Contact a Moving Expert today. We look forward to hearing from you.

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